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 Moonelves Guide.

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Moonelves Guide. Empty
PostSubject: Moonelves Guide.   Moonelves Guide. I_icon_minitime24/11/2012, 01:19

The MoonElves are considered the best exponents of this class, able to travel through terrain that others wouldn’t even dare approach. They are also able to turn a fight in their favor in the space of one move. They are a vicious class and it is a wary warrior that faces up to a MoonElf Ranger one on one.
As a result of their ability to traverse the world the MoonElf Ranger has managed to wander far and wide; when people think of MoonElves, Rangers are often the first class they think of. The Ranger is the class of choice for most Moon Elves ensuring there is a healthy stock for battle.
The MoonElf Ranger can move swiftly through any type of terrain, including dense forests and inhospitable environments that other races often find impassable.
Be warned, you do not want to make an enemy of a MoonElf ranger, it is most certainly something they will make you regret!

The MoonElf Elementalist is a difficult class to place. Whilst they are considered relatively low-ranked in MoonElf society, they are actually the only class able to call forth all of the elemental summons.
They are a playful class often enjoying pantomimes and performing their summoning tricks for friendly passers-by they meet on their journey through Chantra. Despite their playful nature they can be quick to anger and will rain down powerful attacks on those who have angered them. Despite their girlish appearance, the Elementalist is a force to be reckoned with, ably supported by their powerful elemental summons. These summons use their elemental attacks to rain pure chaos down on the Elementalist's enemies. Those who have encountered the Elementalist are reluctant to do so again.
Those that choose the Elementalist path will find that with enough training and dedication they can master a powerful art. Throughout Chantra the Elementalists are known for their love of entertaining and showing off their casting abilities. Yet despite this, Elementalists are not to be underestimated, in battle they are able to summon great spirits to attack their enemies.

This is just some information about the Character's from Webzen. Maybe it helps some peoples to choose their class and see how the class works!
~ Juize.
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Moonelves Guide.
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