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 Gameplay beginners Guide.

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Gameplay beginners Guide. Empty
PostSubject: Gameplay beginners Guide.   Gameplay beginners Guide. I_icon_minitime24/11/2012, 01:12

Archlord Fenix Gameplay beginners Guide:
Archlord Fenix is an massively multiplayer online role-paying game!
(An Fantasy MMORPG game).

There is one big world with different side's.

- One Human Side.
- One Orc Side.
- One MoonElf Side.

Human character's: Knight / Archer / Mage.
Orc character's: Berserker / Hunter / Sorcerer.
MoonElf character's: Ranger / Elementalist.

U start at LvL 1 , u can kill monsters or complete questes in the city's , after that u will gain EXP points..
Every lvl u need more EXP points to make lvl up.. so be ready to make LvL 1 -> LvL 99.
But don't be afraid! Lvling in Archlord is Really fun..

At some lvl's u can go to the Trainer, u can upgrade skill's and buff's etc..
That make u more powerfull and stronger..

Wanna be more stronger? Buy equip (Armour's/Weapon's/Ring's/Necklace's etc) , and upgrade them with Elemental Stone's / Prayer Stone's and Reinforcement potion's.

When u are a powerfull character (can be on all lvl's) u can PVP with the best PVP system like Archlord have!
Who will be the strongest? and the most smart?

U can play with friend's or just alone, u can join Guild's(Clan's/Legion's), and make alway's nice party's! for more communication and fun!

There are CC Item's to, item's u can use, and make u more stronger and cooler..

Well, some information for the beginners.
~ Juize.
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Gameplay beginners Guide.
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