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 Humans Guide.

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PostSubject: Humans Guide.   Humans Guide. I_icon_minitime24/11/2012, 01:18

Humans view their Knights as pioneers, forging out areas for human occupation. Knights surrender their lives to the will of the kingdom by swearing their oath of allegiance. They protect the weak by using their sword to enforce justice across the land.
The human race was able to settle down on the rough continent of Chantra thanks solely to the knights who carved through the land making whatever sacrifice was needed.. To avoid making the same errors as their ancestors the Knights of Chantra tried to teach the new generation of knights to protect the weak, use their swords for justice and to choose wisely the paths they trod.
The Human Knight sees it as his moral duty to protect the entire human race; as a result they are very wary of other races and can be reluctant to join others. Despite their determined nature, not all knights have been able to keep to a straight and narrow path. Some have been tempted by greed and their weak nature corrupted as they quest to become the ArchLord.
So beware. Is your resolution strong enough to become a knight of the realm?

The Human Archers are highly trained in tactical awareness. Accuracy and ability with ranged weapons to strike a target from afar is their main skill. They are only matched in skill by MoonElf Rangers.
With such a numerous selection of animals on the Chantra continent the Human Archer had fertile grounds on which to develop their skills. Over time they built up their skill level, learning new tricks and building better weapons. Their reputation with the bow soon grew, until they became recognized for having comparable skill in bowing as Moon Elves.. However, the Archer strives for more, and in their quest to become the greatest Archer class in all of Chantra, they seek the power of the ArchLord.

Mages possess exceptional knowledge and insight, accompanied with great power and a mysticalprowess. Mages are blessed by the will of the spirits and given powers of renewal, enabling them to maintain their beauty regardless of age. They have powers that exceed their meager proportions allowing them to defeat enemies much greater in size and stature.
The existence of the mage class means two things for the human race:
1. A clever class with a lot of wisdom.
2. Fearsome, but mysterious, (common for both male and female mages).
Mages can do things that other classes cannot. They can knock down a huge enemy in an instant, shake the earth and counter the water's flow. All of these abilities rely on a mage's will. Being the only human class to have access to such skills, they are constantly aware how their skills may affect those around them.
To them magic is not a skill to be abused; they take it very seriously and dedicate their time to contributing to the welfare of the entire race. Mages are constantly focused on improving their skills and supporting their allies as they strive to improve the world in which they live.

This is just some information about the Character's from Webzen. Maybe it helps some peoples to choose their class and see how the class works!
~ Juize.
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Humans Guide.
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