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 Orcs Guide.

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PostSubject: Orcs Guide.   Orcs Guide. I_icon_minitime24/11/2012, 01:19

The Berserker is the most prestigious class within the Orc’s social hierarchy and those lucky enoughto become one are viewed with high regard, receiving both financial and material benefits. They are the most muscular of all classes and as a result of their bulk those outside of their culture often view them as uncontrollable savages.
Their training leads them to build up big, powerful muscles playing into others prejudice of them as brutish, relying on sheer force to overcome their problems.
However their brutish appearance hides a clever interior, Orc warriors are very adept at absorbing the experiences of other cultures they have encountered along the way and adapting these into useful skills to make them better warriors.
The Berserker places huge amount of emphasis on honor and will never back down, even in the face of defeat. They would rather die than return home tainted with the stench of defeat. They are so unrelenting in battle that their very presence causes their enemies to shiver in fear.
Be prepared to never give up!

The Hunter class is a rare profession among Orcs due to their solid muscle structure and the resulting inflexibility. Over time it became clear that the female Orcs were the best suited to the skills required due to their greater flexibility.
Despite not having the ideal build for such a class, they have done all they can to embrace their Archer role. With a great sense of smell and natural strength, the few that choose this difficult path come to play a crucial role in any mission. They play important roles as scouts and in aiding others to avoid traps and ambushes. Leading from the front, it is rare to see a Hunter at the back of the pack.
Hunters are very skilled in tracking and the use of bows.
From a young age hunter offspring are left to their own devices in the forests. In order to survive they rapidly learn the tracking and bow skills required.
An Orc’s bulk and speed lend themselves particularly well to the requirements of becoming a good hunter. The few that choose to take this profession are highly dedicated and strive to ensure they have great stealth along with long-range combat and pursuit skills. The Hunters main role is reconnaissance and to provide support to those engaged in battle.

The powers displayed by the Sorcerers in Chantra are very unique, they have learnt to absorb the force of the spirits that reside in Chantra. They embrace rituals and spells that have been handed down over thousands of years. Not a great deal more is known of Orc Sorcerers, although sociable creatures they are very secretive about their skills.
The Orc Sorcerer is regarded with some disdain by the rest of Orc society, despite the magic class influence amongst the other races. Based on black magic, these spells were created a long time ago by their ancestors who spent their time improving their vicious curses. With Chantra's own elemental magic, these spells are now stronger and more powerful than ever.
The Sorcerer has also benefited from the presence of other magic classes, growing their power even more, as they shared their skills among the others. They pursue the Archons in the belief that it will help them improve their magic skills. They seek the ArchLord crown to help themselves and those they have chosen to surround themselves with.

This is just some information about the Character's from Webzen. Maybe it helps some peoples to choose their class and see how the class works!
~ Juize.
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Orcs Guide.
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