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 Bug Report

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PostSubject: Bug Report   Bug Report I_icon_minitime28/11/2012, 17:07

Crash Places, it's based on the places were is crashed + action I was doing:
Scouting site: while using tele from anchorville to scouting site, crashed when arrived.
Vengeful Basin: while grinding/fighting mobs.
Lizardman's claw: while running up the mountain and around cave entrance.
Forgotten grave -ground floor: while running around those skeleton mages
Forgotten grave -highest floor: first corner of room(at portal), while killing mob
(I assume the highest floor of assy cause all pserver had it)

Def of Boots and Gauntles(lv15 knight) not correct (needs check if it's with all classes and all lvls of armour
Block of Boots (known issue for al pservers)
(maybe more but all items need to be tested to know the exact ones)
Poison World Passport: I assume 1 would be poison and 1 assy (not big issue though)
*Poison World Passport: The World Isn't there yet, will be added in real client I gues
Lightning World Passport: Brings you to Ivory Grave Village but there are no Mobs
Silver chest: No texture
Ele Cloaks: No texture
ToH: No texture
Merch Prizes: Not every item has the correct prize (as mentioned in suggestions)
Ele stones: Can't be sold in merch (as mentioned in suggestions)

Uniques accessoires:
Not all stats are correct + some you can't check like Cast/CD
(I can't check all cause I don't have all but when you wan't list I can check the ones I got atm and see which are wrong)

Skills: I've had times that my buff diddn't go on when casted
Stats: Always got 46% ele res without anything equipped (fixed, could be temp bug)
Passive (combo): No texture (not big issue) but on Lv50 still can't buy it

After every action you do(like teleport/skill/hit/buff/etc...) you hear the sounds of a crow(mob)

(after it's implemented and there are bugs)

I will add more once I find them
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Bug Report
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