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 Forum & Game Rules.

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Forum & Game Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Forum & Game Rules.   Forum & Game Rules. I_icon_minitime28/11/2012, 05:41

- No rasicm verval abuse or bad words.
- Glitch or bug abuse won't be tolerated and will result in severe punishments!
- We expect fair play from everyone, no botting or anything else that results in an unfair advantage versus other players.
- No spamming or begging for stuff. Ask once, if the answer is no accept it.

- No double posting or bumping threads whitin 24 hours.
- Post in the correct catagories, other posts will be ignored and even closed/deleted.
- No rasicm, verval abuse or bad words.
- Use the personal messagebox to discusse matters conserning individuals.
- Do not spam the forum if u need help, send a polite pm to a moderator.

Ty for reading and have fun!

Cya, Argonath & Juize.
~ Archlord Fenix Team.

~ ArchlordFenix.tk ~
Forum Administrator.
Server Gamemaster.

Have fun on Archlord Fenix!
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Forum & Game Rules.
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